Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tian Fu in Spouse

Translated from here.

A man having Tian Fu in Spouse can marry a gentle and soft woman.

In the case of the horoscope of a woman she can get a husband with whom she is very close. There is the occurrence of 如膠似漆 rújiāosìqī = to be deeply attached to each other; to be joined by the hips; to be stuck together as by glue. They are unable to separate even for a brief moment. There is... [?].

Tian Fu and Zi Wei: The married couple is comparable to a supernatural entity.

Tian Fu and Wu Qu: The husband and wife are pleasant and friendly with each other. Concerning physical stuff and material things the individual acquires assistance and help from his or her spouse.

Tian Fu and Lian Zhen: There are harmonious feelings and peaceful affections. However, the spouse is not able and efficient.

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