Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lian Zhen in Siblings

Translated from here.

Regarding siblings... [?]. This is primarily because the personalities are very changeable. Should Lian Zhen be alone in the Siblings palace and have a high rating, the person receives assistance and a helping hand. If Lian Zhen is alone in Siblings and have a low rating, the siblings need the individual's help.

Lian Zhen # Lu: There is the occasion of peach blossom having to do with 暗 àn = hidden, secret, dark, obscure. The native gets help and backing from friends of the opposite sex.

Lian Zhen # Ji: The person is liable to make friends with people who are bad company; an injurious friend. Or there could be problems re peach blossom.

Lian Zhen and Tian Fu: There are peaceful relations and harmonious feelings and emotions between the individual and his or her siblings. However, the native doesn't receive help and benefit from them.

Lian Zhen and Tan Lang: The person and his or her siblings incur mutual disaster and calamity on each other. There is a lack of peaceful relations.

Lian Zhen and Tian Xiang: There are harmonious emotions and feelings, and concord and amicability. Nevertheless, the individual does not obtain aid and help from siblings.

Lian Zhen and Qi Sha: There are frequently disputes and disagreements occurring between the native and his or her siblings. Feelings and emotions aren't harmonious and friendly.

Lian Zhen and Po Jun: The person does not get along well with his or her siblings; to be at odds with each other. The siblings are domineering, haughty, uninhibited, willful and headstrong. They are so arrogant that no one else matters; to consider everyone beneath one's notice; to go about with one's nose in the air.

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