Friday, 30 September 2011

Tai Yin in Children

Translated from here.

The children are very competent and able at handling tasks. They are unusually sophisticated and mature. During their childhood they can step in for their parents. The native and his or her children have very good relations.

Tai Yin in Children... [?]. The children can be particularly gifted in literature or art. But, they are also a little bit nervous or squeamish; to be of a nervous constitution. This can't be avoided, and the parents ought to show understanding.

Tai Yin # Lu: The children are intelligent and bright and smart, and have popularity and relations with others. The Children palace is opposite Property, so when Tai Yin # Lu are in Children the individual has opportunities to buy property and real estate.

Tai Yin # Quan: A daughter is hard-working and capable of overcoming adversity. There is cleverness.

Tai Yin # Ke: The person is able to hand inheritance over to his or her children.

Tai Yin # Ji: Daughter means working hard.

Tai Yin and Tian Ji: The children are modest, sedate, dignified, and intelligent and brainy. They are inward-looking and quiet and gentle. Concerning things and objects and stuff in the environment, the children tend toward 整理 zhěnglǐ = to arrange, to tidy up, to sort out, to put in order, to list systematically. And they do a good turn and lend a hand re household affairs.

Tai Yin and Tai Yang: There are deep emotions and feelings between parent and child. The predestined affinity is fairly weak. The early years are spent attending school and college and studying in order to acquire work/office, etc., thus the native and his or her children become separated.

Tai Yin and Tian Tong: The individual has many daughters but few sons. There are frequently problems because the children are sweet and charming.

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