Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Zi Wei in Siblings

Translated from here.

The individual necessarily has one brother or sister with whom he or she can sufficiently rely on; to depend on, to count on, to lean on or against.

Zi Wei is the emperor star, the monarch, regent. Regarding society it stands for reputation and fame. And the number one outstanding hero. Consequently, when Zi Wei is in the Siblings palace the person receives assistance and help from his or her brothers and sisters. Regardless of whether the backing is of the material or psychological kind, the native meets with 豐收 fēngshōu  = a plentiful harvest, a harvest of magnitude, a bumper crop.

Zi Wei # Quan: The siblings are authoritative; an authority, a man of light and leading.

Zi Wei # Ke: The siblings are awfully caring and concerned and show consideration; to care for, to be thoughtful for.

Zi Wei and Tian Fu: The person receives help and assistance from his or her siblings. There are moreover affection, family love, friendly relations; to be on good terms with one another. The siblings have strength or energy to spare and there is aid and backing.

Zi Wei and Tan Lang: The native only receives a little help from siblings. Siblings marry late or not at all.

Zi Wei and Tian Xiang: The individual obtains backing and help from siblings. There is family love and affection. And honesty, integrity and truthfulness. Should siblings have problems or difficulties, they will be grateful for the native's assistance.

Zi Wei and Qi Sha: The individual and his or her siblings do not get along well; to be on bad terms, to be at odds. Or it could be the case of being together but not sharing the same mindset and intentions. Also... [?]. Siblings signify disunion and separation and no real support and assistance.

Zi Wei and Po Jun: The siblings have all different interests, ambitions, goals, aspirations; each unto his own. Because of conflict of interests and... [?], there are frictions, chafing, disharmony, separation, disunity. Or it could be the case of being half-siblings. Or injury and devastation to siblings.

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