Friday, 30 September 2011

Po Jun in Wealth

Translated from here.

The person is capable of independent planning. The native has self-reliant ways of looking at things. In thought and thinking and doing stuff the individual stands out from the masses; to be out of the ordinary, different. In this way the person is able to gain fame and profit; to rise to power and position; to make a fortune. Others envy the native's wealth and riches.

Po Jun # Lu: Money has to do with what's unexpected and sudden and accidental. Getting hold of money has to do with suddenness. Money unexpectedly comes and unexpectedly goes. Therefore, Po Jun # Lu... [?].

Po Jun # Quan: The individual obtains money late, in the evening. First money goes, afterwards it comes. First money is damaged, afterwards acquired.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: When young the person is unable to amass wealth and money. During his or her later years the native comes across 財源滾滾 cáiyuángǔngǔn = profits pouring in from all sides.

Po Jun and Wu Qu
: When young money comes and money goes. The individual's later years will mean he or she is able to accumulate money.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen: First there are difficulties and problems, afterwards more propitious circumstances. The person meets with a lifetime of making money being tiring and exhausting.

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