Friday, 30 September 2011

Qi Sha in Children

Translated from here.

If Qi Sha is alone in this palace, the children are exceptionally intense and acute. They do not at all accept receiving instructions. Together with their parents there are conflicts and collisions of interests. Feelings and emotions between the person and his or her children are thin and shallow.

The individual should not expect to be taken care of by his or her children, and ought to prepare for old age.

Should Zi Wei share palace with Qi Sha, hostility and belligerence is removed.

Qi Sha and Zi Wei: The children are unbending, unyielding and stubborn. They are eager to win and competitive; to love to outshine others, to seek to do others down. And they do also have rebel natures; to react against, to be in revolt against, to rebel against, to resist.

Qi Sha and Wu Qu: Children betoken loneliness. The individual has only one son or daughter.

Qi Sha and Lian Zhen: The parents are busy and live very active lives and tend toward their careers. The native and his or her children are at odds with each other; not getting along well.

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