Friday, 30 September 2011

Tian Ji in Wealth

Translated from here.

This star in Wealth is indicative of acquiring money by tending toward reality and what's actual and down-to-earth. Necessarily the individual will have to toil and put in a fair amount of mental and physical efforts. Straining him- or herself, the person obtains the equivalent amount of money. The native can not wait idly for opportunities and trust things to chance rather than show initiative. Guarding a tree-stump and waiting for rabbits won't do. Tian Ji in Wealth signifies 一分耕耘 一分收穫 yīfēngēngyún yīfēnshōuhuò = you reap what you sow; you get what you put in.

Tian Ji # Lu: Money is in a state of great mobility. With the presence of lucky stars there's the case of 大進大出 dàjìndàchū = large-volume import and export. Tian Ji # Lu seeing inauspicious stars permits the circumstance of 過手 guòshǒu = to take in and give out money; receive and distribute; to pass through one's hands.

Tian Ji # Quan: The individual is good at planning how to use money.

Tian Ji # Ke: The person is suited to have a job where he or she is in charge of handling money.

Tian Ji # Ji: This star combination does not mean loss or damage to money. But money and expenses etc. require much attention and concern. The native is suited to earn money by doing Wu Shu.

Tian Ji and Tai Yin: Empty-handed the individual establishes him- or herself.

Tian Ji and Ju Men: The person seeks after money in a noisy place. Or he or she obtains unexpected money.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang: The native makes money by being quick-witted and resourceful. He or she happens upon a whole lot of wealth and riches. The individual is partial to engaging in several businesses simultaneously.

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