Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Wu Qu in Siblings

Translated from here.

Most of the time the person has only one sibling. Moreover, feelings and emotions between the individual and his or her siblings are unlikely to be very good. The siblings are intense, sharp, fiery and fierce. Always the siblings have their own way of handling stuff and looking at things. They do not often collaborate and combine efforts with others. Siblings are akin to solitary army people; to fight a lone battle; to be an isolated force.

Wu Qu # Lu: The siblings are stubborn and unyielding. They are furthermore able to make money.

Wu Qu # Quan: The siblings appreciates wielding power; to exercise control, to be at the helm.

Wu Qu # Ke: The native acquires help and assistance from his or her siblings.

Wu Qu # Ji: There is damage, harm, injury. Or predestined affinity with religion.

Wu Qu and Tian Fu: The person has few siblings. They are friendly, polite and amiable. The individual obtains assistance and aid to do with physical/material things, what's visible, tangible, concrete.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang: The siblings have different interests. The native and his or her brothers and sisters do not get along well; to be on bad terms, to be at odds. There are easily disputes and disagreements; to argue opinionatedly, to wrangle.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang: The person has few siblings, and they are amiable, pleasant and friendly. The siblings are generous, magnanimous, in good taste, natural and relaxed, easy-mannered, and fond of dignity and what's honourable and decent.

Wu Qu and Qi Sha: The individual and his or her siblings do not get along well with each other; not being able to live together in peace or be on friendly terms. The siblings are of an unyielding inclination to strive, contend, fight. They are strongly competitive and eager to win.

Wu Qu and Po Jun: There is a lack of harmony and union. The siblings waste and squander and are headstrong, willful and uninhibited. There are easily disagreements and disputes; to wrangle, to argue opinionatedly.

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