Friday, 30 September 2011

Lian Zhen in Wealth

Translated from here.

The individual can become rich by carrying out commercial activities and trading. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. The person encounters what is muddled, secret, hidden, gloomy, in the dark, obscure. And there are numerous twists and turns; great waves, billows. But, the end will for the native be favourable and advantageous.

Lian Zhen # Lu: Working to earn money, things go smoothly. Financial resources are stable.

Lian Zhen # Ji: Lawsuit or peach blossom cause loss of money.

Lian Zhen and Tian Fu: The individual has plenty of wealth.

Lian Zhen and Tan Lang: Money unexpectedly comes in, and money unexpectedly goes out. Wealth is unstable. With Huo Xing or Ling Xing money can suddenly appear.

Lian Zhen and Tian Xiang: There is much wealth in storage.

Lian Zhen and Qi Sha: In a noisy place the person can have money entering.

Lian Zhen and Po Jun: First there will be problems and difficulties, afterwards more auspicious circumstances. The native happens upon a lifetime of making money being exhausting and tiring.

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