Friday, 30 September 2011

Tian Fu in Wealth

Translated from here.

The Tian Fu star represents a storehouse for money, wealth and riches. Thus when Tian Fu is in the Wealth palace the person receives a lifetime of not having to worry about clothes and food. There is plenty for life and living.

Both Tian Fu and Zi Wei are leader stars. They are comparatively unafraid of being together with sha stars. Even if Tian Fu encounters Di Jie or Di Kong in Wealth, there's merely the instance of money coming in and money going out. Still the individual has a rich home/family.

Tian Fu and Zi Wei: The native comes across smooth and unobstructed money luck. The individual meets with 富足 fùzú = abundant, rich, plentiful, well-off, comfortable; prosperity. Throughout his or her life the person is guarded and conservative with money; to keep in store, to protect.

Tian Fu and Wu Qu: These two stars in Wealth mean a lifetime of abundance and plenty. This star combination is the most perfect and ideal what with money luck.

Tian Fu and Lian Zhen: The native has plenty of wealth.

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