Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tan Lang in Spouse

Translated from here.

A man having Tan Lang in Spouse is liable to be attracted to a woman who is lively, cheery, brisk, active, and open-minded. Emotions, feelings and affections are rather unstable. There is the happening of 見異思遷 jiànyìsiqian = to change one's mind the moment one sees something new; to be inconstant, to be irresolute; to be easily moved by what one sees or hears; to love fads and novelty; never satisfied with what one has.

A woman with this star in the Spouse palace... [?].

To avoid these circumstances the individual should wait with getting married until he or she is a bit old.

Tan Lang # Lu: The person and his or her spouse both have predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

Tan Lang # Quan: In love and when courting the love interest is fairly active and takes the initiative.

Tan Lang # Ji: There are numerous peach blossom quarrels. Or bed disharmony. The spouse ought to learn and study Wu Shu 五術.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei: There are easily perplexities and complications regarding emotions, affections, feelings. The native ought to avoid being of the same age as his or her spouse and working and resting in the same place.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu: This star combination is related to circumstances of existence. Should there be wealth and riches and a late marriage, there could be agreement and harmony. Marrying too early and coming across economic difficulties will signify disputes and noisy disagreements, even to such an extent that the relationship could burst.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: The individual and his or her spouse incur mutual calamity and disaster on each other. There are a lack of peaceful relations and amicability.

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