Sunday, 18 September 2011

Po Jun in Spouse

Translated from here.

There aren't normal and ordinary views and thoughts toward marriage. There is a lack of wanting to establish a married life relationship. There are... [?]. Hence marrying too early means great injury and harm as regards spouse. Ultimately there is the tragedy of being parted by life or death. Marrying late is comparatively good.

Po Jun # Lu: Romance and courting will be wonderful and splendid. A late marriage is advisable.

Po Jun # Quan: The spouse will take to rushing about and being constantly on the move and working hard attending to his or her career, projects, activities, profession.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: The individual and his or her spouse do not get along well. The woman ought to be older than the man. Or she should earn more money than him.

Po Jun and Wu Qu: The person and his or her spouse become estranged; to fail to get along well. There is disharmony. The spouse squanders, wastes, and is uninhibited and willful. There are easily disagreements and disputes.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen: The spouses do not get along well; to be at odds with each other. The native's spouse is presumptuous, wildly arrogant, self-willed, headstrong and unruly. The spouse considers everyone else beneath him- or herself; to go about with one's nose in the air; to be so arrogant that no one else matters.

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