Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tian Liang in Siblings

Translated from here.

If the native has three siblings or less, they get along with each other very well; to have good dealings. From childhood and up to adulthood the person and his or her siblings are close companions. If the individual has three siblings or more, there is the occasion of being unable to trust each other completely; incapable of confiding in somebody with entire sincerity.

Tian Lian # Lu: Siblings and friends are caring and show consideration. But, afterwards the native can get the feeling that they become restrictive and restraining.

Tian Liang # Quan: The person ought to listen to older siblings. Older brothers and sisters are good at eloquence.

Tian Liang # Ke: The native is easily cared for by older siblings. They show consideration and are concerned.

Tian Liang and Tian Ji: The individual acquires aid and assistance from siblings.

Tian Liang and Tai Yang: The emotions and affections between the person and his or her siblings are profound and deep and solid. There is mutual backing, help, assistance.

Tian Liang and Tian Tong: There are beneficial feelings and emotions. The native receives assistance and help.

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