Friday, 30 September 2011

Tan Lang in Children

Translated from here.

Tan Lang in the Children palace betokens marrying too early and having a child. The child creates a great many problems for the married couple. There is no harmonious married life, the result of which is the children tending toward 重蹈覆轍 chóngdǎofùzhé = to follow the same old disastrous road; to repeat a failure; to make the same old mistakes.

The children are intensely changeable and unpredictable; to be fickle, mercurial, apt to change. Even if they don't reach their goals and aims, they do not change and become firm and resolute. The parents are frequently ashamed of their ways.

Tan Lang # Lu: The state of the health is good. There is strong sexual desire.

Tan Lang # Quan: Nurturing approaches are too despotic and tyrannical. One should beware negative repercussions for the children.

Tan Lang # Ji: Children easily mean being worried and distressed. The individual should moreover guard against peach blossom.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei: The children are energetic, active and restless. They aren't capable of enduring what is not moving, calm and still. They are impatient. The children are clever, bright, smart, intelligent, and early-maturing and precocious. They are talented; to be of brilliant minds.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei in Children are moreover indicative of the person him- or herself experiencing chaos and disorder to do with intimate relationships. And there is the occurrence of 上行下效 shàngxíngxiàxiào = subordinates follow the (usually bad) example of the superiors. [I.e. the children will take after their parents.] The native's children are affected. There are easily complications what with emotions, affections, feelings.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu: Middle-aged the individual can have a son/child. The children are pampered, spoilt and disobedient.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: The children appreciates play, indulging in amusements. They are not easy to educate and nurture and discipline. There is separation and loneliness. The person has weak predestined affinity with his or her children.

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