Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tai Yang in Spouse

Translated from here.

The spouse has exceptional strength, power and force and much ability and competence.

In the case of the horoscope of a man his wife could have a more successful career than himself.

In the instance of the chart of a woman she obtains a man who tends toward absolute or despotic control or power. But, he is greatly talented; to have a brilliant mind. The positive could be greater than the unfavourable.

Tai Yang alone in Spouse means marrying late is advantageous. Otherwise there'd be separations or calamity. Once married the spouses are separated due to going on an official or business trip, or... [?], etc.

Tai Yang # Lu: A man gets help from his spouse and he can achieve success and accomplishments in his career, projects, undertakings, profession. A woman could be the boss's wife.

Tai Yang # Quan: The spouse is capable, competent, and wields power. In the case of the chart of a man he has to guard against disagreements and dissent affecting the marriage adversely.

Tai Yang # Ji: In the occasion of the horoscope of a woman this star combination is disadvantageous re wedding and marriage. In the instance of the chart of a man, and since Spouse is opposite Career, Tai Yang # Ji is detrimental what with entrepreneurship and starting a business and carving out a career.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin: There are friendly relations and conjugal love; to be on good terms with one another; to be deeply in love with each other. The spouses are together seeking pleasure; to indulge in a life of pleasure and comforts; and share trials and tribulations.

Tai Yang and Ju Men: The spouses are in tune with each other only averagely. Without sha, there can be harmony and concord. With the presence of sha, or Tai Yang having a low rating, marriage means not getting along well, or the spouse is nagging and garrulous.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang: There is happiness and bliss. With a low rating and sha, still there are peaceful relations and harmony.

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