Friday, 30 September 2011

Ju Men in Children

Translated from here.

The children voice their own heartfelt resentments and dissatisfactions. They are also able to provoke or tease their parents, making them unhappy and in low spirits. However, outside of the home the children are good at eloquence. They are greatly able to explain and show and illustrate and interpret.

Should Ju Men be together with Tai Yang in the Children palace, the native has very good relations with his or her children when they are babies, especially the first born. There aren't quarrels and noise. But, when the children grow up they become unbending and stubborn. The parents become anxious and worried because the children become overly engrossed in stuff.

Ju Men # Lu: The children are good at eloquence.

Ju Men # Quan: Talking and disputing the children are quick and powerful, swift and fierce. They are good at arguing, debating, contending.

Ju en # Ji: There is a generation gap between parent and child.

Ju Men and Tian Ji: The person's children are quick-witted and clever and possess the gift of the gab; to be able to talk really well. They are fair and considerate and understanding of other people's views. The children are very creative. In society they rise out of the crowd; to be eminent above all others; to excel the common; a crane in a flock of chickens; to be manifestly superior.

Ju Men and Tai Yang: The children are competitive and eager to win. They are also independent; to be one's own master, to stand alone. There is the instance of 外強中乾 wàiqiángzhōnggān = to be fierce of visage and faint of heart; a paper tiger; a weakling putting on a bold front; strong in appearance but weak in reality. The children are awfully liable to take to the unhealthy habits of whining and telling a lie. They... [?].

Ju Men and Tian Tong: There is a lack of union and harmony. The person and his or her children are estranged from each other.

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