Sunday, 18 September 2011

Zi Wei in Spouse

Translated from here.

In a man's chart Zi Wei in the Spouse palace signifies that he'll marry a woman who is virtuous, kind and genial. They'll be together all their lives.

In the chart of a woman Zi Wei in Spouse indicates she'll marry a man who's illustrious, influential, celebrated, outstanding. Husband means ennoblement.

Regardless of whether the chart is that of a man or a woman, Zi Wei being alone in Spouse betokens marrying late. Marrying late is moreover favourable. Late marriage for a woman means marrying after the age of 27.

Zi Wei # Quan: This star combination is auspicious what with career and the family and household. There are good circumstances. The spouse has true and real authority, power, might.

Zi Wei # Ke: There are favourable circumstances in the matters of family, household and career. The spouse is thoughtful, attentive and shows consideration of other people's needs.

Zi Wei and Tian Fu: The married couple is akin to a supernatural entity.

Zi Wei and Tan Lang: There are easily complications and perplexities re feelings, affections, emotions. The individual should avoid being of the same age as his or her spouse or working and resting together in the same place.

Zi Wei and Tian Xiang: The spouse should be younger than the person.

Zi Wei and Qi Sha: There is a love-hate relationship between the spouses. They are quarrelsome lovers; a quarrelsome and loving couple. They are liable to fight like cat and dog. Or they are parted from each other by life or death.

Zi Wei and Po Jun: The spouses do not get along well. The woman should be older than the man. Or she ought to earn more money than him.

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