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The minor stars in the Siblings palace

Translated from here.

祿存 Lu Cun

The individual has few siblings. Often someone with Lu Cun in the Siblings palace is an only child.

天馬 Tian Ma

Because the siblings frequently take to activities and action and move about and are on the go, the native and his or her siblings aren't very close friends. Everyone is preoccupied with what's taking place on the outside, and neglects and overlooks what is happening with their brothers or sisters on the inside.

左輔 Zuo Fu

Siblings are clever, bright, smart, intelligent, and acute of sight and hearing. There are pretty good feelings and emotions between the person and his or her siblings. Even if separating as adults and living apart from each other, siblings will still often provide with a helping hand and assistance and aid.

Zuo Fu # Ke: [?].

右弼 You Bi

The individual has pretty good relations with his or her siblings. The siblings are ambitious to improve themselves; to do better, progress and go forward. There are mutual encouragements and some accomplishments.

You Bi # Ke: [?].

文昌 Wen Chang

Siblings represent literature and talent and there is renown and eminence. Within the family they bring about a cheerful, pleasant and peaceful state of mind. The person and his or her siblings are on unusual good terms; to be very close friends. There are close connections regarding what's of the mind, spirit, psychological.

Wen Chang # Ke: The native obtains money help from siblings and friends.

Wen Chang # Ji: Concerning siblings and friends there are easily disputes to do with money and property.

文曲 Wen Qu

Both siblings and friends mean a source of happiness and merriment. ...[?]. Brothers and sisters provide with very much assistance and help.

Wen Qu # Ke: The individual acquires money help from siblings and friends.

Wen Qu # Ji: As regards siblings and friends there are easily disagreements regarding money and property.

天魁 Tian Kui

Siblings are of great success and accomplishments.

天鉞 Tian Yue

Siblings betoken ennoblement.

火星 Huo Xing

There are numerous instances of not joining in with siblings. There are disagreements and conflict. The native's siblings are excessively intense, sharp, fierce, fiery and flaming. People drift apart and become estranged from each other. The best thing would be not to have dealings with siblings. Siblings signify not caring about camaraderie, being indifferent and aloof.

鈴星 Ling Xing

There are easily disagreements and disputes. The individual and his or her siblings have opposing views, ideas, opinions. Affection between family members become diluted and weak.

擎羊 Qing Yang

Qing Yang in the Siblings palace with a high rating, there are numerous occurrences of not joining in with siblings.

陀羅 Tuo Luo

Siblings are fierce, acute and intense. In everyday life there are conflicts, collisions of interests, clashes of opposing forces.

地空 Di Kong

There isn't the slightest amount of association with brothers or sisters. The siblings ignore the person's existence. They are fond of deciding and acting alone; to be a law unto oneself; to take arbitrary action.

There is the occurrence of 'having means not having, being without means having'. Everything depends on the individual him- or herself. The native shouldn't mind whether or not there is help and assistance from siblings.

地劫 Di Jie

There is not a whole lot of mutual affection and friendship between the individual and his or her siblings. Friends are more caring and concerned than siblings. There aren't deep and profound feelings and emotions. There is moreover the instance of 'having means being without, not having means having'.

化祿 Hua Lu

The native and his or her siblings are brought together by fate. There is mutual guide, support, help.

化權 Hua Quan

Siblings and friends wield power. And... [?].

化科 Hua Ke

Siblings are of pretty good talent and learning; scholarship.

化忌 Hua Ji

The individual and his or her siblings keep apart. There is... [?].

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