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將前十二星 The Jiang Xing star series

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將星 Jiang Xing

- turns unfavourable things into what's auspicious

In Ming or Shen, military ennoblement.

Jiang Xing has to do with vigour, power, energy; physical or mental strength or force.

攀鞍 Pan An

- 功名 gōngmíng = scholarly honour or official rank; fame and achievement, rank, glory

In Ming or Shen, military display.

This star has to do with rank obtained in the imperial examinations; scholarly honours. It is beneficial for taking an exam.

歲馹 Sui Ri

- Tian Ma

Sui Ri represents 遷移 qiānyí = to move to a different address; to remove; to migrate, drift; transplant. And 變動 biàndòng = a change, alteration, variation; to vary, to make an alteration. This star indicates going on a long journey or a rather busy period or phase.

息神 Xi Shen

- 消沉 xiāochén = downhearted, low-spirited, depressed, dejected, demoralised, despodent, in the mopes

If in Ming or Shen and there are no lucky stars present to ease off sha, the individual will lack vitality and spirit.

華蓋 Hua Gai

- Yang Wood

- 孤高 gūgāo = haughty, arrogant, proud, unsociable

Hua Gai enables scholarly honours and rank obtained in the imperial examinations. It has to do with 文章 wénzhāng = literary works, writings; an article, essay, composition, theme. The native of this star has a majestic presence and an awe-inspiring bearing. Hua Gai is related to appearance and bearing. With this star the individual tends toward religion and faith.

In Ming or Shen, the person ought to take to the dao of the monk. It is not advisable tending toward the commonplace and mundane.

On the outside the native is of a beautiful appearance. However, he or she lacks substance.

The individual has a dignified, imposing and awe-inspiring appearance. He or she happens upon loneliness and tends toward religion. The person of Hua Gai is haughty and proud and does not enjoy taking part in groups and crowds. The native is fond of helping those who are weak and feeble. Also, with this star the individual does not abstain from speaking forthright; to call a spade a spade.

劫煞 Jie Sha

- 盜 dào = to steal, rob, plunder; a thief, robber, bandit

There ought to be lucky star doing away with this star's sha. Avoid the unfavourable stars.

With Jie Sha midway there is obstruction; to stop and detain.

Regarding work, the individual can not have it according to his or her wishes.

災煞 Zai Sha

- 災患 zāihuàn = calamity, disaster

Lucky stars should be present to remove the ominous enabled by this star. Avoid malevolent stars.

Zai Sha gives the means to external disaster and calamity. The person ought to guard against blackmail and fraud.

天煞 Tian Sha

- adverse for husband and father

Tian Sha should not be in Ming, Shen, Parents or Spouse.

指背 Zhi Bei

- 誹謗 fěibàng = slander, defamation; to libel, malign

This star should not be in Ming or Shen.

Behind the native's back vile characters start a rumour and try to frame him or her with false evidence; or there is slander, maligning, libel.

咸池 Xian Chi

- 桃花 táohuā = peach blossom

The person is licentious, wanton, and easy in his or her morals. The individual is partial to what is imaginary and illusory. The native is lecherous and given to lust and wants sex. The person comes across loneliness. And there are numerous ailments and diseases. In behaviour and conduct the individual appreciates liquor and gambling.

With Xian Chi the native ought to guard against disputes and adversity what with emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes, affections.

In Ming or Shen or Happiness and Virtue, this star effectuates wanting sex and being horny and given to lust.

Xian Chi signifies 男歡女愛 nánhuānnǚài = passionate love. With this star the native really does understand how to enjoy him- or herself (in Ming or Happiness and Virtue).

月煞 Yue Sha

- adverse for mother and wife

Avoid this star in Ming, Shen, Parents or Spouse.

亡神 Wang Shen

- 耗敗 hàobài = wastage, squandering, defeat, loss

Wang Shen signifies lawsuits and legal proceedings.

With this star the person encounters loss of position and standing. What the individual engages in doesn't bear fruit. Or there could be loss of wealth and money. The native's memory power is not especially good.

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