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The major stars in the big cycle charts

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Zi Wei

Young: The individual is of a strong intention to learn and study. The native is willing to make progress and move forward and improve him- or herself. However, the person lacks perseverance. The individual is energetic, restless, active and is fond of making friends

Middle-aged: The native tends toward 老謀深算 lǎoóushēnsuàn = to make every move only after mature deliberation; to think deeply and plan carefully; to be circumspect and farseeing. Zi Wei seeing Zuo Fu, You Bi, Tian Kui and/or Tian Yue: ennoblement.

Old: There is the occurrence of sudden change, or sudden outbursts of disaster and calamity, or the person could be lonely and having difficulties associating with other people.

Tian Ji

Young: The native is lively, mercurial, active, brisk, restless and energetic. He or she tends toward moving about and taking to activities.

Middle-aged: Interacting with other people the individual is flexible, elastic, agile and nimble. The person enjoys seeking contact with others for his or her own benefit; to scrape acquaintance with somebody; to seek special favour or help from somebody by elaborating on one's relationship with him or her.

Old: The native is of a rather deep shrewdness and mental agility. He or she takes to tactics or strategies that are designed for variable conditions. The individual is intelligent and has brainpower. The person comes across much change.

Tai Yang

Young: The individual is brisk, active, vivacious and lively. There is emphasis on feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes, affections. The native does not accentuate reason and rationality. And there is much to take care of and be in charge of and look after.

Middle-aged: The heart and mind are kind, compassionate, gentle and humane. The person appreciates giving in charity; to give alms. The individual is partial to entrepreneurship or doing pioneering work and is capable of starting from scratch and building up from nothing.

Old: The native emphasises what's rational and of reason. The person is excessively firm, hard, strong and solid. There is a fondness for a woman's beauty and feminine charms. Yang... [?].

Wu Qu

Young: There are easily quarrels and disputes. The individual is fond of using military force, military power, military might. In action and doing the person is rough and crude. There is the instance of 鬧事 nàoshì = to create a disturbance, to make trouble.

Middle-aged: The native works with his or her brain; to rack one's brains. He or she enjoys competing arguing and disagreeing with others.

Old: The person can obtain financial resources. The older the better.

Tian Tong

Young: The individual is able to obtain shade and protection from the parents.

Middle-aged: The native should not initiate things and start stuff. He or she ought to take to 坐享其成 zuòxiǎngqíchéng = to sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others' work; to just sit back and leave others to find a way out.

Old: The person obtains what's calm, still, quiet, safe, content, and is able to relish his or her life. The individual is able to make sightseeing tours; to visit various scenic spots; to relax by enjoying the landscape.

Lian Zhen

Young: The native is reckless and a daredevil; to act in a foolhardy manner; to rush in where angels fear to tread. He or she is easily impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head. The individual tends toward 盲從 mángcóng = blind obedience, blind deference; to follow blindly, to follow like sheep, to conform slavishly. With Lian Zhen there are quarrels and disagreements. The person easily violates the law and commits crimes; to commit offences against law and discipline.

Middle-aged: The individual is intelligent, clever, bright and smart. It is easy for the native to deceive, swindle, cheat, pretend and feint; to mislead or intimidate someone into giving information, to try to extract information by deceit or bluff. There is the occurrence of what's sinister, evil, wicked and vicious. The person is extreme in thought and circumstances. The individual... [?]. He or she has wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. The native does not happen upon what is serene, undisturbed and tranquil.

Old: Official/governmental stuff and career and profession go smoothly and well. With a low rating, legal proceedings and lawsuit.

Tian Fu

Young: The native has intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. Attending school and reading books and studying goes well. Tian Fu meeting with Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Zuo Fu, You Bi, Tian Kui and/or Tian Yue is even more good.

Middle-aged: The person... [?]. However, the individual is haughty, arrogant and proud and comes across sudden changes.

Old: Being conservative and standpat is good.

Tai Yin

Young: The individual is timid and cowardly. The person is fond of what's placid and graceful and quiet, and is of an elegant demeanour.

Middle-aged: The native is eager to speed toward starting an enterprise or doing pioneering work. The individual appreciates nearing feminine charms; a woman's beauty.

Old: There are wealth and riches and the person tends toward enjoying him- or herself. But, Tai Yin is a money star; it won't enable much fame and renown.

Tan Lang

Young: The person... [?]. The individual should guard against wasting money.

Middle-aged: The native happens upon 漸入佳境 jiànrùjiājìng = from bad to good conditions; gradually entering blissful circumstances; to go into a more beautiful place; turn out for the best; grow better. Nevertheless, he or she ought to beware being avariciously insatiable; greedy as a wolf; greedy and never satisfied.

Old: The individual meets with good fortune and luck. Still, with the presence of Qing Yang and/or Tuo Luo, circumstances won't be fine.

Ju Men

Young: The person is of satisfactory words and remarks. He or she is fond of arguing and disputing and debating.

Middle-aged: There is easily the occurrence of 挑撥離間 tiǎobōlíjiàn = to sow discord; to foment dissension; to make mischief; to alienate one person from another; to drive a wedge between. The native comes across numerous quarrels and disputes.

Old: Tending toward religion and religious beliefs will be good.

Tian Xiang

Young: The individual is cowardly and timid. The native is lazy where industriousness is expected; to lie down on the job; to keep one's hands in one's pockets; to dawdle. Studying and reading a book and attending school will be good. The person has a sympathetic heart and mind and is eager to be of service.

Middle-aged: The native appreciates fighting for justice; to come to the aid of somebody suffering an injustice. He or she is honest and tolerant, sincere and kindly. Circumstances to do with an official career will go fine.

Old: There is the instance of 父慈子孝 fùcízǐxiào = natural love between parents and children; benevolent father, filial son. The person is able to enjoy family love and joy; domestic bliss.

Tian Liang

Young: The native is of wisdom and intelligence and knowledge, and can when young take to 持重 chízhòng = to be in charge of ritual ceremonies; to hold an important office; to be prudent and cautious and dignified. However, being excessively ripe and sophisticated won't be good.

Middle-aged: The person is fond of speculating in a risky adventure and gambling and taking risks and chances. He or she has knowledge and intelligence and makes use of strategies or tactics designed for variable conditions and easily breaks the law.

Old: The individual is cautious and dignified and can be in charge of ritual ceremonies or holding an important office. He or she tends toward religion and faith. The native has a benevolent, charitable and philanthropic heart. However, he or she also feels lonely; to have a lonely feeling.

Qi Sha

Young: If Qi Sha is the only major star in the palace and has a low rating and meeting with Kong Wang or Qing Yang, the person will easily be wounded or harmed or sustain injuries, and could die young. Or it will be difficult in one's sickbed escaping from having an operation. The native will not have much success reading an studying because of being changeful and mercurial.

Middle-aged: A military position will be fine. There are many changes and shifts in the individual's career and profession and undertakings. There are great ups and downs what with accomplishments and failure.

Old: The person happens upon much sickness and disease. The body will be weak and the native in poor health.

Po Jun

Young: The native is restless, energetic and active. He or she is mercurial and changeable. Attending school and studying will be below the average.

Middle-aged: Family property is ruined and destroyed. The individual is unable to settle and drifts all over the place.

Old: Gradually the person comes across success and accomplishments. He or she... [?].

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