Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tai Yang in Siblings

Translated from here.

The likelihood is that the person has very frequent contact with his or her siblings; to be in contact with, to socialise, to associate with. Since Tai Yang is a star that has to do with a powerful ability to move about and take to activities and actions and using connections, siblings tend toward communication and engaging in social functions. And they have good relations with society. The siblings provide with a helping hand.

Tai Yang # Lu: Joining in with siblings and forming a partnership, there is a lack of real power.

Tai Yang # Quan: The siblings are fond of creating a stir and enjoying the limelight; to show off, to be a focus of public attention; to push oneself forward, to be obtrusive.

Tai Yang # Ji: Hua Ji transforming Tai Yang in this palace is harmful what with brothers. Not so much sisters. Regarding siblings and friends there is a debt or liabilities. Or disputes and entanglements in the matter of human affairs and the ways of the world.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin: There are deep and profound feelings and emotions between the native and his or her siblings. There is mutual assistance, aid, help.

Tai Yang and Ju Men: The emotions and feelings between the person and his or her siblings do not run deep. The predestined affinity is weak. The siblings are fond of whining; to grumble, to complain.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang: The feelings and affections between the individual and his or her siblings are profound, deep, solid. There is mutual help, assistance, backing.

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