Friday, 30 September 2011

Wu Qu in Children

Translated from here.

The children are exceptionally ambitious and eager to be first; to be unwilling to be left behind others; to be eager to do well in everything. They are persistent and stubborn and adamant. The children are partial to their own definite opinions and views. The individual's children are unwilling to be controlled and influenced. Handling matters and dealing with stuff they are inflexible and set in their own ways. The person's children tend toward 說一不二 shuōyībú'èr = to mean what one says; to stand by one's word; always keeping one's promise. There is a lack of friendly feelings and camaraderie re father-son and mother-daughter relations. Everyone persists in their own viewpoints and there are opposing opinions.

When Wu Qu is in the Children palace the native is unlikely to have many children. For the most part the individual has only one child.

However, the person could have more than one child if he has them with other women than his wife.

Wu Qu # Lu: The children are clever, intelligent, bright, unbending and obstinate. Their brains are geared toward business, trade, work.

Wu Qu # Quan: The children are upright, principled, honest, firm and unyielding.

Wu Qu # Ke: The person's children have an understanding of economy.

Wu Qu # Ji: There are obstructions becoming pregnant. There should be precautions against miscarriage.

Wu Qu and Tian Fu: The children are capable of dealing with finance. There is advance and progress in money matters.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang: When middle-aged the native can have a son/child. The children are spoilt, pampered and disobedient.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang: There aren't friendly relations and harmonious feelings. Regarding the individual's own sex life, he or she focuses on purely physical pleasure.

Wu Qu and Qi Sha: Children mean loneliness. The native has only one son or one daughter.

Wu Qu and Po Jun: There is the occurrence of 刑克 xíngkè = injury, wound; disease, sickness; disaster, calamity; to be separated in life and death, to be parted forever. Parent-child relationship means difficulties and problems.

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