Friday, 30 September 2011

Tian Liang in Children

Translated from here.

When young the children are able to take care of themselves and handling stuff without help from their parents. The parents have little to worry about. When they become a bit older the children tend toward leadership and being in control. They go about like royalty.

The children are partial to filial piety and obedience to their parents. Especially daughters. Even when married the daughter is devoted to her parents.

Tian Liang # Lu: The children have predestined affinity with their elders.

Tian Liang # Quan: The children are stubbornly independent and autonomous and do not need to be managed by their parents.

Tian Liang # Ke: The person is awfully close with his or her children.

Tian Liang and Tian Ji: The children are bright, smart and intelligent. And they have self-respect; to have regard for oneself, to cherish one's good name. The native's children are of logic and have the ability to analyse and examine and observe.

Tian Liang and Tai Yang: The children are clever, intelligent, smart, and tend toward talent and learning and scholarship. The individual's children are active and brisk and have self-respect. They take matters into their own hands; to decide and act on one's own.

Tian Liang and Tian Tong:  ... [?]. A daughter is often born first. If a son is born first, there will be problems with rearing.

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