Friday, 30 September 2011

Ju Men in Wealth

Translated from here.

Ju Men is a star engendering a craving for material things. The individual longs for getting hold of money. The native is not fond of leaving it to the parents to get hold of wealth. The person appreciates relying on his or her own capabilities to make a profit. Consequently, acquiring money means much toil and labour. Because Ju Men represents an intense desire for material things and having an affinity with... [?], the individual... [?]. Otherwise he or she will encounter significant loss and damage.

Ju Men # Lu: In order to make money the native must depend or rely on his or her abilities at eloquence and engaging in social functions; to communicate with, to socialise.

Ju Men # Quan: The person can make money by using his or her mouth in an industry or business. Competition means obtaining wealth and valuables. The individual ought to tend toward peace, union, harmony and dignity. Otherwise he or she will easily happen upon disputes and quarrels.

Ju Men # Ji: Money is often a source of conflict with other people.

Ju Men and Tian Ji: The native can acquire money in a noisy place. Or there is unexpected money.

Ju Men and Tai Yang: When the person is young success and failure are not constant. During the individual's later years he or she can accumulate wealth and money.

Ju Men and Tian Tong
: Money luck is not constant and steady. The native's later years can be more satisfying.

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