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The minor stars in the Wealth palace

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祿存 Lu Cun

Throughout his or her life the individual can live in plenty and abundance. Compared to other people the native can enjoy him- or herself, being blessed with money luck. The person does not need to labour and toil in order to acquire money. Although the individual does not do his or her utmost to get hold of money, when seeking it money still enters of its own accord.

天馬 Tian Ma

Obtaining money has to do with movement, motion, action, change, running, great speed, to rush about, to hasten. If going abroad or on a journey or trip, the individual ought to try and seize an opportunity for earning money, because there's a good chance money can come rolling in when there is motion and movement.

左輔 Zuo Fu

The person has a lifetime of plenty. Although the native will inevitably meet with toil and exhaustion, he or she comes across much good fortune and there is lots of wealth and money entering.

Zuo Fu # Ke: Regarding money matters the individual happens upon mutual help and assistance from guiren. This type of guiren is 明 míng = bright, clear, overt.

右弼 You Bi

You Bi is one of the lucky stars. It signifies assistance, support; to assist a ruler in governing a country. You Bi moreover represents being correct and proper associating with others. With regard to wealth and money, the person is energetic, vigorous, proactive. He or she strives for money and endeavours after it. The native has a lifetime of abundance and plenty. And meets with 衣食無虞 yishíwúyú = not having to worry about food and clothes; to be provided with the basic necessities; to have the basic means of protection.

When You Bi is in Wealth the individual is not content having only one profession wherefrom to acquire money. The person enjoys trying to get hold of money in many different ways. If... [?].

You Bi # Ke: Concerning money the native comes across mutual assistance and help from guiren. This kind of guiren is 暗 àn = dark, hidden, secret, obscure.

文昌 Wen Chang

Throughout his or her life the native does not need to worry about clothes and food. Being hardworking and industrious the person is rewarded with money. Regardless of the individual's present day assets/equity, in the end, after all is said an done, wealth and money will stockpile.

Wen Chang # Ke: Often there are the circumstances of 分期付款 fēngqīfùkuǎn = to pay by instalments; instalment plan.

Wen Chang # Ji: There are problems to do with a bill, banknote, voucher, receipt, document, account details, etc.

文曲 Wen Qu

Regularly there's the situation of gaining money and fame simultaneously. When the person obtains money, he or she at the same time gets renown.

The individual is awfully capable of financial management. Regarding investments, the native has unique views and opinions.

Wen Qu # Ke: Frequently there's the occurrence of 分期付款 fēngqīfùkuǎn = payment by instalments; an instalment plan.

Wen Qu # Ji: ... [?].

天魁 Tian Kui

The native is not fond of associating with money. He or she tends toward 清高 qīnggāo = aloof from politics and material pursuits. Still the person gets hold of money. The individual easily acquires help and assistance from an elder, senior. In his or her career and undertakings the native is popular and has the support of others.

天鉞 Tian Yue

The person receives a lifetime of everything going smoothly. There are satisfactory circumstances. Regarding money the native happens upon 春風得意 chūnfēngdéyì = to be flushed with success, to ride on the crest of success; to be extremely proud of one's success; smiles of exultation, radiant with happiness. The individual with Tian Yue in this palace is of incessant opportunities and money luck.

火星 Huo Xing

This star very much so effectuates changes and variations. Huo Xing alone in Wealth with a high rating means there may be easy money, a windfall, jackpot. The individual could overnight become a household name because of his or her newly acquired fortune.

鈴星 Ling Xing

Ling Xing... [?]. Also there could be unexpected money entering. However, money may unexpectedly enter, but it could also in the course of one night disappear; to go bankrupt, to become impoverished. Success or failure is hard to predict.

擎羊 Qing Yang

Qing Yang with a low rating in Wealth is the most inauspicious. Should Qing Yang be of a low rating in this palace the native is unable to hold on to wealth or money from his or her family. The person encounters a lifetime of not having good money luck.

陀羅 Tuo Luo

The individual has no opportunity or chance of being together with money and wealth. Even if the person has money, there is no plan of how to deal with expenses, etc. Thus the money becomes totally dispersed. The native does not earn much money, still, his or her expenditures are alarmingly high.

地空 Di Kong

The person doesn't have good money luck. Also, regarding expenses the native does not know moderation. Expenditures are out of control. Often... [?].

地劫 Di Jie

When Di Jie is in this palace the individual lacks good money luck. There are very big fluctuations re money and wealth. If the native is not careful and cautious, he or she could end up in fetters and handcuffs; shackles. Having money actually becomes a burden. Consequently the person ought to avoid engaging in large scale investments, or take huge risks and chances.

Putting money in the bank reduces wasteful and extravagant spending.

化祿 Hua Lu

The native is able to make very much money. He or she furthermore has 偏財 piāncái = unexpected money, jackpot, a stroke of luck, windfall, easy money, to win a prize. The person is also helped by guiren to earn money. The individual does not become worried when he or she doesn't have money.

化權 Hua Quan

The person is good at financial management. When administering money, he or she takes to a fixed/set/regular way of handling it. If... [?], the native is daring in making money and adventurous spending it. If... [?].

化科 Hua Ke

In money matters the individual meets with steadiness, things going smoothly. There are few fluctuations. It is unlikely that the native will become worried due to money.

化忌 Hua Ji

The person is fond of making money. Earning money will entail hard work, toil, exhaustion, perspiration, pains, fatigue. Money means hurrying, being busy.

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