Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tian Xiang in Siblings

Translated from here.

There are very deep friendly feelings between the individual and his or her siblings. Older siblings are friendly, younger siblings respectful. There are mutual backing and support and guidance in the matter of schoolwork when growing up or later joining together in an undertaking, enterprise, career.

Tian Xiang and Zi Wei: The native gets help and assistance from his or her siblings. There is affection and family love. And honesty, truthfulness and integrity. Should siblings have difficulties or problems, they'll be grateful for the person's aid and support.

Tian Xiang and Wu Qu: The individual has few siblings. They are friendly, amiable and pleasant. The siblings are magnanimous, natural and relaxed, easy-mannered, generous, in good taste, and appreciates dignity and what is decent and honourable.

Tian Xiang and Lian Zhen: There are harmonious feelings and emotions, and amicability and concord. Nevertheless, the native does not obtain assistance and help.

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