Sunday, 18 September 2011

Qi Sha in Spouse

Translated from here.

Regardless of whether the horoscope is that of a man or a woman, Qi Sha in Spouse is indicative of things to do with affections, feelings, emotions being exceptionally turbulent and unpeaceful. If the person is able to restrain him- or herself and refrain from impulsively getting married, he or she can avoid this kind of distress. Marrying late is the most advisable.

The spouse has a fiery and forthright nature. He or she is vacillating and changeable, being partial to inconstancy. Both parties involved are unable to avoid separation and adversity. Thus married life will be very disagreeable and unpleasant.

Qi Sha and Zi Wei: The spouses share a love-hate relationship. They easily fight like cat and dog. Or they are separated from each other by life or death.

Qi Sha and Wu Qu: There is easily loneliness and solitude. And the spouse could become impoverished; to go bankrupt.

Qi Sha and Lian Zhen: There are always disputes and disagreements; to argue opinionatedly, to wrangle. The person and his or her spouse are on bad terms with each other; to be at odds. There is discord.

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