Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tian Xiang in Spouse

Translated from here.

In both a man and a woman's horoscope Tian Xiang in the Spouse palace means that the native's spouse will most likely be a classmate or fellow student; or a colleague or co-worker; or someone presented or recommended by somebody.

A man having Tian Xiang in Spouse will get a wife who has good facial features and is proper in behaviour and conduct. The person's spouse will completely depend on him. Everything depends on the individual's ideas, opinions, suggestions.

In a woman's chart Tian Xiang in Spouse indicates that her husband will be earnest dealing with stuff and conscientious handling things, and he's energetic, positive and proactive. He is very responsible and has a compassionate and sympathetic heart. He is... [?].

Tian Xiang and Zi Wei: The spouse ought to be younger than the individual.

Tian Xiang and Wu Qu: The marriage turns into a formality, which is not favourable re emotions and feelings and there are quarrels; to have a row.

Tian Xiang and Lian Zhen: There is unity and concord. Still, the native does not acquire backing and help from his or her spouse.

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