Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Qi Sha in Siblings

Translated from here.

The predestined affinity between the person and his or her siblings is insubstantial and weak.

Qi Sha and Zi Wei: The native and his or her siblings are at odds; not getting along well, to be on bad terms. Or it could be the occasion of being together yet not sharing the same intentions, mindset. Also... [?]. Siblings mean separation and disunion and no real help and aid.

Qi Sha and Wu Qu: The person and his or her siblings are not able to live together in peace or being on friendly terms; to not get along well with each other. The siblings are of a powerful inclination to contend, fight, strive. They are unyieldingly competitive and eager to win.

Qi Sha and Lian Zhen: Often disagreements and disputes take place between the native and his or her siblings. Emotions and feelings aren't friendly and harmonious.

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