Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lian Zhen in Travel

Translated from here.

Extrinsically and going to places the individual very much so has predestined affinity with the opposite sex. It is advisable to take to numerous activities and actions because extrinsically there are opportunities to prosper and flourish. Sometimes moving house or changing profession means coming across good luck.

Lian Zhen # Lu: Travelling and going to places the native obtains help and support from the opposite sex. There is moreover deep predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

In the cycle charts Lian Zhen # Lu in Travel is indicative of a marriage predestined by fate. A married person ought to pay attention to peach blossom.

Lian Zhen # Ji: The person should beware lawsuits, a traffic accident, a violation ticket, or a sexual dispute.

Lian Zhen and Tian Fu: In a noisy place the individual acquires money and wealth. In another part of the country the native can become a great merchant.

Lian Zhen and Tan Lang: Being busy and hurrying means making money. However, it won't last long.

Lian Zhen and Tian Xiang: Trying hard and being industrious and hardworking the person has a good chance of meeting with a period of success.

Lian Zhen and Qi Sha: In another part of the country, and working with his or her brains, the individual can make money.

Lian Zhen and Po Jun: In foreign lands or other parts of the country than where he or she is the native acquires ennoblement. If... [?].

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