Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tai Yang in Health

Translated from here.

The native is quite liable to come across the following: head affliction; unclear eye vision; excessive sweating; being unaware of facial spasms; protruding eyeballs. Etc.

Tai Yang # Lu: The individual is upright and pure in mind. He or she does not very much so take to haggling and fussing.

Tai Yang # Quan: This star combination is not happy in the Health palace. The person encounters neck problems.

Tai Yang # Ji: Tai Yang... [?]. When Tai Yang is transformed by Hua Ji the native is excessively impatient. The individual ought to take note of high blood pressure and hypertension.

The person could furthermore become mentally weary. Etc.

Both Tai Yang and Tai Yin stand for the eyes. The person may come across a mediocre eye condition.

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