Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wu Qu in Health

Translated from here.

During infancy/childhood the person encounters much sickness, disease, illness. There may be a wound, cut or injury to the four limbs of the body or the head or the face. There is easily... [?], sore bones or pain in the skeleton; problems to do with the joints; ailments re the throat or windpipe, the respiratory tract; or catching a cold the native becomes seriously ill with pneumonia. Etc.

Wu Qu # Lu: The individual is quite able to control his or her own 脾氣 píqi = temperament, disposition; bad temper; spleen qi.

Wu Qu # Quan: This star combination is not fond of being in the Health palace. The native's physique is adversely affected.

Wu Qu # Ke: The person is able to take care of his or her body and health.

Wu Qu # Ji: The individual's constitution and physique is affected adversely. Especially the lungs.

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