Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tai Yin in Health

Translated from here.

The individual is liable to encounter stomach aches; waist or lower back pain; tinnitus; palpitation; physiology imbalance; or lacking strength in the four limbs of the body.

Tai Yin # Lu: The native is upright and pure in mind. He or she takes to positive thinking.

Tai Yin # Quan: There is the greatest of emphasis on morality, ethics, reputation and integrity. Frequently the person is heavyhearted, dejected, gloomy, moody, melancholic, fidgety, short-tempered, annoyed and impatient. The individual ought to learn how to resist pressure or stress.

Tai Yin # Ke: A female friend takes to caring for the native's health.

Tai Yin # Ji: Tai Yin represents 暗 àn = dark, secret, hidden, gloomy, obscure. In the case of a man, he comes across stuff to do with the kidneys. In the instance of the chart a woman she meets with 婦女病 fùnǚbìng = a gynaecological disease; a feminine ailment; a disease exclusive to women, such as colpitis and dysmenorrhea.

Both Tai Yang and Tai Yin are associated with the eyes. There could be a rather poor eye condition.

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