Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Zi Wei in Health

Translated from here.

The person has a lifetime of rather few indispositions and ailments.

Zi Wei # Quan: Regarding health the native is too keen and delicate. He or she tends toward 無病呻吟 wúbìngshēnyín = to make a fuss about nothing; to moan and groan without being ill; to complain without a cause; to make a fuss about an imaginary illness. The individual neglects his or her work.

Zi Wei # Ke: There is the instance of 身體健康 shēntǐjiànkāng = to be healthy; be in good condition. Should the person encounter sickness, disease, illness, still the native happens upon guiren who comes to the rescue and saves the situation and helps the individual out of his or her difficulties.

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