Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wu Qu in Career

Translated from here.

In the horoscope of a man Wu Qu in Career means that he's good at financial management, and he could be an entrepreneur or industrialist, or tend toward  金融業務 jīnróngyèwù = financial business.

In the chart of a woman she'll be a standard career woman and she can make it in all trades and professions. Regarding business and industries there's the occurrence of 嶄露頭角 zhanlùtóujiao = to stand out conspicuously; to come to the fore; to reveal outstanding talent; to cut a conspicuous figure. And... [?].

Wu Qu # Lu: In his or her job and career money flows and everything is going smoothly. The person can go for a profession related to banking and finance.

Wu Qu # Quan: In the palm of his or her hand the native holds financial power and control. Particularly in the army, military, police force or financial sector the individual can be a boss, chief, superintendent, director.

Wu Qu # Ke: It is advisable for the person to go for a job in the military or the banking business.

Wu Qu # Ji: There can be problems with funds and funding and turnover of capital. Or there is debt to subordinates and staff.

Wu Qu and Tian Fu: The native possesses wide ranging talents and abilities. The individual is dedicated to his or her work and has enthusiasm and perseverance and willpower. Very rapidly the person can have growth and success and become a dignitary/big shot.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang: The native is by nature frugal, economical and stingy. He or she is avaricious and greedy for money.

Regarding wealth and riches the individual is heartless and not benevolent. Concerning official/governmental career stuff the person tends toward 貪污 tānwū = corruption; to embezzle. Being a trader or peddler the native is greedy, insatiable, stingy and close-fisted.

The individual's early years will for the most part be unstable. Middle-aged he or she can see career developments and things going smoothly.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang: The individual is suited to a profession related to 身體力行 shēntǐlìxíng = to set an example by personally taking part; to practise what one preaches. There are moreover accomplishments and success.

The person has special skill or knowledge. He or she is suited to every kind of business or industry. In particular the native can have development and growth in a profession to do with finance and banking; manufacturing; or communication and traffic.

With the presence of any of the six inauspicious stars there is both success and failure. The individual is suited to a career indicative of technology/technique/skill, or art.

Wu Qu and Qi Sha: The person is frequently capable of having power, influence, position and status. Possibly... [?].

Wu Qu and Po Jun: With the presence of lucky stars the native is suited to a career wherein he or she can be innovative and pioneering and groundbreaking. Without the presence of lucky stars the individual is fitted to a profession indicative of 嚴肅 yánsù = austere, solemn, grave, stern; and 破壞 pòhuài = to destroy, spoil, knock the bottom out of; destruction, breaking, demolition. For the greater part there is the occurrence of both destruction and damage and building and construction simultaneously.

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