Sunday, 30 October 2011

Po Jun in Career

Translated from here.

In a man's horoscope: he is suited to hold an office or post in a job to do with law and order; public security, public order; because Po Jun is associated with 破壞 pòhuài =  to destroy and damage and wreck and break. He is unable to stand what is idle and not busy.

In a woman's horoscope: she is partial to being a leader of her peers, members of the same class, generation or social group. Possibly she becomes a women's rights movement figure, or enters a profession typical of men.

Po Jun # Lu: With this combination in the Career palace, in an intensely competitive profession the person is even more likely to win.

Po Jun # Quan: When there are great changes and much stuff going on simultaneously, the native tries to take everything into his or her own hands. It is important to delegate authority and responsibility in order to avoid becoming unduly tired and exhausted.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: The individual can have success in a business/profession that is competitive, or... [?], However, the person... [?]. Possibly the native could have some accomplishments in the military or police force; or civil engineering, building, construction. Apart from these professions the individual... [?].

When Po Ju and Zi Wei are in the Career palace the person is very much so partial to being opportunistic what with investments; to speculate on financial markets. And taking risks and chances; to tempt one's fate, to adventure, to risk danger. For the most part the native invest in many kinds of businesses simultaneously. When looking for a job the individual appreciates going for new and fresh experiences. Therefore he or she can hardly avoid changing profession often.

Po Jun and Wu Qu: With the presence of lucky stars the person is fitted to a career wherein he or she can be pioneering and groundbreaking and innovative. Without the presence of lucky stars the native is suited to a profession signifying 嚴肅 yánsù = stern, austere, solemn, grave; and 破壞 pòhuài = to destroy, spoil, knock the bottom out of; demolition, destruction, breaking. For the most part there is the manifestation of both destruction and damage and construction and building simultaneously.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen: With these two stars in the Career palace the individual is suited to an industry or business that is radical, drastic, extreme. The person appreciates him- or herself ruling and being master and dictating. The native is unable to reside under other people. Hence there are great difficulties following the prescribed order and keeping to the working routine. Frequently there are professional changes and complications; to disturb, to perplex.

With the presence of lucky stars things go smoothly and well and the individual can become a dignitary and big shot.

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