Thursday, 13 October 2011

Po Jun in Travel

Translated from here.

When Po Jun is in Travel, Tian Xiang is in Ming. Extrinsically and going to places the person appreciates poking his or her nose into other people's business; to meddle in what does not concern one. In this way Tian Xiang lacks a sense of responsibility. Therefore, when Po Jun is in Travel there will surely be the case of 成事不足,敗事有餘 chéngshìbùzú, bàishìyǒuyú = unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything; never able to achieve, always able to ruin; never make, but always mar; a bull in a china shop. And... [?].

Po Jun # Lu: The native has popularity and good relations with people. He or she makes friends with people from all over the world.

Po Jun # Quan: This star combination signifies 驛馬 yìmǎ = post-horse, courier horse. The individual is constantly on the move and rushes about. These traits are even more pronounced should Po Jun # Quan be in either Yin, Shen, Si or Hai.

Po Jun and Zi Wei: The person happens upon love from guiren and hate from vile characters.

Po Jun and Wu Qu: The native has to labour and toil with both mind and body. Neither the body nor the mind is able to come across what's calm, peaceful and tranquil.

Po Jun and Lian Zhen: The individual obtains ennoblement in foreign lands or other parts of the country than where he or she is. If... [?].

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