Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tian Liang in Career

Translated from here.

In a man's chart: he is suited to being a teacher or functionary/office-bearer, or investigator/researcher who specialises in some branch of study. The result of his research is easily acknowledged by society and the great masses, and he becomes a leader in his field of study.

In a woman's horoscope: she is unusually capable and has extraordinary abilities. If she's a housewife, that's a pity. If she's a career woman, she's able to put forth her talents.

When Tian Liang is in Career both sexes ought to refrain from trade and carrying out commercial activities.

Tian Liang # Lu: With this combination in Career the individual is even more liable to be selected by his or her boss and promoted to a higher job.

Tian Liang # Quan: The native is sufficiently of the ability to supervise and administer. The person can become despotic and tyrannical, yet is still particular about reason and logic.

Tian Liang # Ke: The individual has a good reputation. But, he or she does not hold true authority and power.

Tian Liang and Tian Ji: The native is capable and talented what with occupation and career. Concerning work and profession, the person is greatly able to widen his or her knowledge; to increase one's knowledge, to enrich one's experience. The individual is fitted to whichever business or industry. When Tian Liang and Tian Ji are in Career the native is dedicated to his or her work; to devote one's efforts. And... [?].

With the presence of inauspicious stars, in vain the person holds great ambitions. For the greater part stuff to do with career will be nothing more than common and ordinary.

Tian Liang and Tai Yang: The person's childhood is a bumpy road; to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes; to be down on one's luck. Much because the individual is clever, smart, intelligent, diligent and hardworking, he or she is appreciated by older people of the opposite sex and helped or promoted in his or her profession. With these two stars in the Career palace there is moreover the instance of boosting one's career by relying on one's credibility and reputation.

Tian Liang and Tian Tong: It extremely easy to flourish and prosper and being able to adjust and adapt. With a high rating and lucky stars, there is both riches and honour, wealth and rank. With a low rating and inauspicious stars, the native has to be industrious and hardworking, but he or she does also come across leisure and calm and a comparatively good living standard.

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