Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tai Yang in Career

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In the horoscope of a man Tai Yang in Career is indicative of a highly competitive work environment. He could for example be a statesman, politician; architect; lawyer, etc.

In the chart of a woman she may tend toward a business to do with 導遊 dǎoyóu = a guide, tour guide, tourist guide, a courier; to guide or conduct a sightseeing tour. Or the catering industry; a business related to serving food and drink.

Tai Yang in Career in Wu is extremely auspicious. This person could set a new record and meet with a huge career, being the leader of others, and have success out of the ordinary.

Tai Yang # Lu: This star combination in Career signifies being a boss, store-owner, master, business proprietor. The native holds true authority and power. Even if the individual is only an office worker, he or she does moreover assume a position of being in charge.

Tai Yang # Quan: This star combination in the Career palace betokens 老闆 lǎobǎn = a business proprietor, keeper, store-owner, boss. There is... [?]. A woman with Tai Yang # Quan in Career has a man's ambition and will. There is the opportunity to go for politics, diplomacy, foreign affairs, or being a representative for public opinion, the public will.

Tai Yang # Ji: This combination is unfavourable for a man's career. Working the person happens upon males in charge deliberately making things difficult; to be hard on somebody; to trouble, torment or confuse by continual, persistent questions, etc.; to deliberately put obstacles in somebody's way.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin: The native has position, standing and accomplishments. An honoured rank or position will moreover be prominent/conspicuous/illustrious.

Seeing Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Zuo Fu and/or You Bi, in numerous instances the individual is partial to policial and governmental circles, or being a regional senior official. Or a leading cadre in a company/firm/enterprise; to be in charge.

Tai Yang and Ju Men: For the greater part the person has fine career opportunities/chances. He or she is moreover proficient in planning, engineering, masterminding, and analysing stuff. The native tends toward a profession to do with 按部就班 ànbùjiùbān = to follow the prescribed order; to keep to the old conventional ways of doing things; to keep to the working routine. And 循序漸進 xúnxùjiàjìn = to proceed in an orderly way and advance step by step; to advance gradually in due order; to follow in proper sequence and make steady progress. Often there can be some success and accomplishments.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang: The individual's childhood is a bumpy road; to be down on one's luck; to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes. Much because the native is intelligent, clever and smart, and diligent and hardworking, he or she is appreciated by older people of the opposite sex and promoted or helped in his or her profession. With these two stars in the Career palace there is furthermore the occasion of boosting one's career by relying on one's reputation and credibility.

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