Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tai Yin in Career

Translated from here.

In a man's chart: he will often be a poet, author or actor, etc.

This star in a woman's horoscope means that she can be an actress or famous singer.

When Tai Yin is in the Zi palace the individual can go for a business or industry related to knowledge, wisdom, intelligence. For example lawyer; computer program designer; editor. Etc. The native is greatly able of displaying what he or she is good at; one's forte, one's strong point.

Tai Yin # Lu: The native obtains assistance and help from the spouse or guiren of the opposite sex.

Tai Yin # Quan: In a woman's chart, she is independent and stands alone; to be one's own master. In a man's chart, he receives support and help from women.

Tai Yin # Ke: The spouse represents a storehouse/depository for money and wealth.

Tai Yin # Ji: Regardless of whether the horoscope is that of a man or a woman, it is inadvisable engaging in real estate and immovable property. Working the person should beware women in charge.

Tai Yin and Tian Ji: These two stars should not be of a low rating. If either Tian Ji or Tai Yin has a low rating, the individual will become nothing more than an ordinary staff member or functionary. Therefore, Tian Ji and Tai Yin in Yin is substandard. Possibly... [?], and the native is easily lowered in rank and demoted.

Tai Yin and Tian Ji are the most happy with lucky stars. Should there be auspicious stars present, the person's fame and reputation spreads far and wide, even becoming well-known abroad and overseas.

Tai Yin and Tai Yang: The person has standing, position and accomplishments. An honoured position or rank will furthermore be illustrious/prominent/conspicuous.

Seeing Wen Chang, Wen Qu, Zuo Fu and/or You Bi, the individual tends toward political and government circles, or being a regional senior official. Or leading cadre in a firm/enterprise/company; to be in charge.

Tai Yin and Tian Tong: With a high rating the individual can gradually ascend to higher and higher offices and positions. With a low rating the native becomes a small staff member or office worker.

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