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Ju Men in Career

Translated from here.

Frequently the person becomes engaged in a business or industry related to 口 kǒu = the mouth; an entrance, an opening; a tear, slit, cut; the edge of a knife, etc. Using words, speech, the spoken language, the native is revered and esteemed by other people.

In a man's horoscope: he is suited to being a college or university lecturer/instructor/professor; a lawyer; or a statesman, politician. Etc. Something to do with speaking and talking.

In a woman's chart: she is fitted to be a teacher or governess/female tutor, and so on.

Ju Men # Lu: In his or her career the individual tends toward the use of the mouth. The person also has competitive strength.

Ju Men # Quan: The native is partial to a business or occupation wherein he or she can make use of the mouth. When speaking and talking the individual holds sway. The person can be a judge, lawyer, or teacher, etc.

Ju Men # Ji: There are numerous disputes and quarrels at work.

Ju Men and Tian Ji:

In Mao: Ju Men is Water and engenders Tian Ji's Wood. Tian Ji stands for intelligence, wisdom and knowledge, while Ju Men represents rhetoric, thus there's the case of 鋒芒畢露 fēngmángbìlù = to show one's intelligence, ability, knowledge, etc., to the full extent; to make a showy display of one's ability; to demonstrate or display acumen. The native could have success in the judiciary or stuff related to the administration of justice; or foreign affairs, diplomacy; or in academia, academic circles.

In You: Although Ju Men's Water gives birth to Tian Ji's Wood, You is a Metal palace and Metal overcomes Wood. Even with the presence of auspicious influences the individual meets with layer upon layer of problems and difficulties. There is limited success.

Ju Men and Tai Yang: For the most part the person has fine career opportunities/chances. The native is furthermore good at planning, masterminding, engineering, and analysing things. The individual is partial to a profession to do with 按部就班 ànbùjiùbān = to keep to the working routine; to follow the prescribed order; to keep to the old conventional ways of doing things. And 循序漸進 xúnxùjiàjìn = to advance gradualy in due order; to proceed in an orderly way and advance step by step; to follow in proper sequence and make steady progress. Frequently there can be some accomplishments and success.

Ju Men and Tian Tong: There is toil, hard work and exhaustion. Still, starting from a low position the person can gradually be promoted and ascend. With the presence of any of the six inauspicious stars... [?].

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