Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tan Lang in Health

Translated from here.

If Tan Lang is alone in the Health palace, ... [?]. However, the individual is liable to encounter illness or disease to do with the drainage or excretory system; or metabolism.

Tan Lang # Lu: Tan Lang stands for peach blossom. There is emphasis on 情慾 qíngyù = sexual passion, desire, lust, concupiscence.

Tan Lang # Quan: The native ought to beware excessive indulgence in debauchery; to give way to one's carnal desires; to indulge in sensual pleasures. Being intemperate could be harmful to the person's body and health. There is an appreciation of doing stuff outside, and the individual easily has an injury, wound, trauma.

Tan Lang # Ji: The native's sexual desire is rather strong. He or she ought to take note of kidney deficiencies. The person is also liable to get a sexually transmitted disease.

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