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Tian Ji in Career

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In thought and thinking and ideas the individual is unique and distinct; to have special characteristics. The native could tend toward a specialised field of research and study, or becoming a magazine or newspaper editor. The person could also pursue the arts, for example being a painter, calligrapher or designer/architect, etc.

In the case of the chart of a woman, if she doesn't become a well-known artist, she'll be a good wife and her family and household will be her career.

Tian Ji # Lu: The individual is good at earning money by using wisdom and knowledge. In his or her career the native relies on intelligence and knowledge. The person should avoid being too clever in trivial matters; to be intelligent in small ways. Otherwise there'll be the occurrence of 華而不實 huá'érbùshí = to be showy without real worth; a handsome exterior but a hollow inside; flower but no fruit; to be superficially clever; flashy and without substance.

Tian Ji # Quan: Regarding his or her career and ventures and entrepreneurship the individual is good at using intelligence, knowledge and wisdom, and making plans. With the presence of sha stars or Hua Ji, career stuff will be laborious and exhausting.

Tian Ji # Ke: The native can become engaged in a business/job/profession that requires the use of the mind and brains.

Tian Ji # Ji: The individual is not suited to a job entailing 機械 jīxìe = machinery, machine, mechanism; mechanical, inflexible, rigid. Or 絞盡腦汁 jiǎojìnnǎozhī = to rack one's brains, to rack one's wits about something. The person can meet with defeat and loss related to thoughts and thinking.

Tian Ji and Tai Yin: These two stars should not have a low rating. If either Tian Ji or Tai Yin is of a low rating, the native will become nothing more than a common functionary/office-bearer or staff member. Therefore, Tian Ji and Tai Yin in the Yin palace is substandard. Possibly... [?], and the individual is easily demoted and lowered in rank.

Tian Ji and Tai Yin are the most fond of lucky stars. Should there be auspicious stars present, the person's reputation and fame spreads far and wide, even becoming famous abroad and overseas.

Tian Ji and Ju Men:

In Mao: Ju Men is Water and gives birth to Tian Ji's Wood. Tian Ji represents knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, while Ju Men stands for rhetoric, hence there's the manifestation of 鋒芒畢露 fēngmángbìlù = to show one's intelligence, ability, knowledge, etc., to the full extent; to demonstrate or display acumen; to make a showy display of one's ability. The native could have success in the judiciary or stuff related to the administration of justice; or diplomacy, foreign affairs; or in academic circles, academia.

In You: Although Ju Men's Water generates Tian Ji's Wood, You is a Metal palace and Metal conquers Wood. Even with the presence of lucky influences the individual comes across layer upon layer of difficulties and problems. He or she has limited success.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang: The person is talented and capable what with career and occupation. Regarding work and profession, the native is greatly able to widen his or her knowledge; to enrich one's experience, to increase one's knowledge. The individual is suited to whichever industry or business. When Tian Ji and Tian Liang are in Career the person is dedicated to his or her work; to respect one's work, to devote one's efforts. And... [?].

With the presence of inauspicious stars, in vain the individual has great ambitions. For the most part stuff related to career will be nothing more than ordinary and common.

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