Sunday, 30 October 2011

Qi Sha in Career

Translated from here.

In a man's horoscope: he is suited to a profession that is full of challenges and breaking through stuff, for example being an athlete, doing sports, exercises, motion, movement; or being a policeman. Etc.

In a woman's chart: the characteristics of Qi Sha will be evidenced. Regardless of what office she takes, she'll be a towering figure; a hero, a person with unusual courage and ability.

Qi Sha and Zi Wei: The native is of an intensely strong drive to forge ahead and initiate stuff; to start a major task, to begin an undertaking; to go forward. The individual is suited to a profession that offers challenges or is competitive. For the greater part, when young the person has to go through difficulties and hardships and struggle and strive. During his or her later years the native can have both fame and fortune.

Qi Sha and Wu Qu: The individual is frequently capable of having influence, power, status and position. Possibly... [?].

Qi Sha and Lian Zhen: The person is fitted to the army. Or a business or industry that is rather stiff, mechanical, inflexible, and follows a regular pattern and rhythm/law.

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