Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tian Fu in Travel

Translated from here.

Travelling and going to places the person obtains good fortune, happiness and luck. When changing his or her profession the individual gets support and guidance from the older generation. It is unlikely that there will be problems and difficulties. The native enjoys helping others. He or she is even more fond of making friends with people who also are strong and powerful.

Tian Fu and Zi Wei: The person is transferred to another post/job and moves and... [?].

Tian Fu and Wu Qu: When rushing about and hurrying and being busy the individual gets hold of money. The native turns into a great merchant with a lot of money and property.

Tian Fu and Lian Zhen: In a noisy place the person obtains wealth and money. The individual can become a great merchant in another part of the country.

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