Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tan Lang in Career

Translated from here.

In a man's chart: he has exceptionally strong desires, longings, cravings. When there's a goal he wants to reach, he does absolutely not speak of it lightly or give it up. He is furthermore fond of dealing with stuff and accomplishing things independently; to stand alone. Consequently, when there's a business or undertaking he's especially interested in, he is partial to 獨資 dúzī = investment by a sole investor; single proprietorship; wholly-owned; exclusive investment. He does not appreciate engaging in business with other people. Often he enters a business related to film or television. In particular he can display his abilities being a director or producer; to direct a play or movie, etc.; stage direction.

In a woman's horoscope: she possesses outstanding talent in the performing arts. She is also suited to film and theatre work; screen and stage. Or being a fashion model.

Tan Lang # Lu: There is 偏財 piāncái = unexpected money, jackpot, a stroke of luck, windfall, easy money, to win a prize. Regarding money the individual is fond of being opportunistic; to speculate on financial markets. At his or her work place the native obtains assistance and help from the opposite sex.

Tan Lang # Quan: There is... [?]. In the case of the horoscope of a woman she can... [?].

Tan Lang # Ji: Concerning career, there is reliable and credible peach blossom and the person can earn money. It is inadvisable being a government functionary. There can be issues related to personal integrity. The person should beware romance at the office/business premises.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei: The individual is talented in initiating stuff and starting things; entrepreneurship; to venture. Still, the native is rather short of the ability to be dedicated to his or her work on a permanent basis. Frequently there's the instance of 喜新厭舊 xǐxīnyànjiù = to abandon the old one for the new one; to like the new and hate the old; to be fickle in affection/interest. Possibly the person becomes engaged in several business simultaneously. The individual is not suited to specialised fields of work involving repetition and rote.

With the presence of any of the six xiong stars [凶星], for a long time the native is unable to settle at one particular profession/business/job. He or she can hardly avoid complications and difficulties beginning an undertaking or seeking employment.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu: The person is by nature economical, frugal and stingy. The individual is avaricious and greedy for money.

Concerning riches and wealth the native is heartless and not benevolent. Regarding official/governmental career stuff the person takes to 貪污 tānwū = corruption; to embezzle. Being a peddler or trader the individual is insatiable, greedy, close-fisted and stingy.

The native's early years will for the greater part be unstable. Middle-aged he or she can meet with career developments and things going smoothly.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: The person is partial to reality and what is down-to-earth and actual. The individual does also possess competitive strength. He or she has a dauntless and indomitable enthusiasm for doing stuff. The native can often become an influential bigwig/official.

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