Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tan Lang in Travel

Translated from here.

The native loves displaying him- or herself; to show off, to perform; to express oneself. The person with Tan Lang in this palace is fond of what's stimulating and exciting. He or she appreciates novelties, what is new and odd. Travelling and extrinsically the individual has good predestined affinity with the opposite sex and is suited to busy and bustling activities; to rush about, to be constantly on the move. The native enjoys downtown life.

The person is fond of looking for opportunities to get rich. He or she... [?].

Tan Lang # Lu: When going to places and travelling the individual gets support and assistance from the opposite sex. And there is moreover deep predestined affinity with the opposite sex.

In the cycle charts Tan Lang # Lu in Travel signifies marriage predestined by fate. A married person should pay attention to peach blossom.

The native is excessively liberal and hospitable; to treat guests well; to enjoy having guests. The person should take note of living within his or her means; to assess one's income and spend accordingly; you can only spend what you earn.

Tan Lang # Quan: The individual is fond of being in power; to wield power. The native is energetic and restless and there is vim and vigour; lightness in spirit. The person ought to guard against sinking into debauchery; to wallow in depravity and dissipation.

Tan Lang # Ji: Travelling and going to places the individual should beware debauchery damaging money. Or there could be a sexual dispute.

Tan Lang and Zi Wei: There is mutual assistance from guiren and promotion to a higher post/job. ... [?] making money.

Tan Lang and Wu Qu: Carrying out commercial activities and trading the native is skilled at the job, and everything goes smoothly and easily. The person becomes very rich.

Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: Hurrying and being busy means making money. But, it won't last long.

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