Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wu Qu in Travel

Translated from here.

Going to places and extrinsically the person is of great capabilities. He or she appreciates taking the initiative; to do something of one's own accord. The native is fond of striving and contending and making an effort. Thus the individual meets with 能者多勞 néngzhěduōláo = able people should do more work (said when asking somebody to perform a service or do extra work); the abler one is, the more one should do; it is because you are so capable that we/they leave everything to you. Inevitably the person is constantly on the move and has to work hard.

Wu Qu # Lu: The native is fond of... [?]. He or she is an expert at communication and engaging in social functions.

Wu Qu # Quan: This star combination represents starting a major task and initiating stuff and constanly being on the move and earning money.

Wu Qu # Ke: In a place or location indicative of communication and social functions the person gets acquainted with clients and customers.

Wu Qu # Ji: Going to places and travelling the native does not get much help and backing. The individual has to rely on him- or herself to make money. Although other people take to wasting and squandering money and wealth.

Wu Qu and Tian Fu: While busy and rushing and hurrying the person gets hold of money. The native becomes a great merchant with a lot of money and property.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang: Trading and carrying out commercial activities the individual is skilled at the job and everything goes smoothly and easily. He or she becomes very rich.

Wu Qu and Tian Xiang: Going to places and extrinsically the person has progress and prosperity and gets rich; to make a fortune, to make a pile.

Wu Qu and Qi Sha: The native has to labour and toil with both mind and body. He or she does not obtain what is quiet, peaceful and calm. Seeking luck it is advisable taking to movement and change.

Wu Qu and Po Jun: The individual has to toil and labour with both mind and body. Neither the body nor the mind is able to meet with what is tranquil, calm and peaceful.

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