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The minor stars in the Health palace

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祿存 Lu Cun

When young the native meets with numerous ailments and diseases. From childhood and up to adulthood there are sudden and unexpected aches and pain. Only when grown up the person has extremely good health.

Should the person be in poor health, the ... [?] and the Lungs [肺臟 see TCM] are affected.

天馬 Tian Ma

In a man's horoscope Tian Ma in the Health palace signifies he's partial to masturbation, which leads to 腎虛 shènxū = deficiency of the kidneys. And 早洩 zǎoxiè = premature ejaculation. Etcetera.

In a woman's chart she meets with leuccohrea; menstrual pain; or stomach aches. Etc.

左輔 Zuo Fu

If Zuo Fu is alone in the Health palace, the native receives a lifetime of lacking sickness and disease. There isn't unexpected affliction or adversity. And... [?]. It is unlikely that the person encounters serious and critical diseases or illnesses.

When Zuo Fu is in Health the Spleen and the Stomach will be affected the most. Especially the stomach. It is important to sob and cry enough. Otherwise the stomach becomes a heavy burden and the life span is reduced.

Zuo Fu # Ke: When becoming sick the native happens upon a good doctor.

右弼 You Bi

Should You Bi be alone in this palace, the star is capable of dissolving and removing harm. Therefore, the individual has a lifetime of being without serious illnesses.

When You Bi is in Health the person is liable to meet with 口乾舌燥 kǒugānshézào = a dry mouth and tongue; thirst and sore throat; to speak so much that one's mouth and tongue become thirsty; 虛火上升 xūhuǒshàngshēng = to easily get excited; irascibility. Or... [?]. But, the state of the illness is unlikely to be severe and difficult or impossible to treat.

You Bi # Ke: When sick the individual comes across a good doctor.

文昌 Wen Chang

Wen Chang alone in the Health palace means a lifetime of few diseases and ailments. The body parts affected the most are the intestines, lungs, or the ears. When becoming ill the native can make use of food therapy/treatment. Having patience the functions and capabilities of the internal organs are improved and strengthened.

Wen Chang # Ke: It is appropriate valuing and honouring the doctor's suggestions and opinions.

Wen Chang # Ji: The Lungs are affected. There is the instance of 咳嗽 késou = to cough. And 鬱悶 yùmèn = to have pent-up emotions or thoughts, to mope; heavy, depressed, melancholic.

文曲 Wen Qu

Wen Qu in this palace with a high rating, the native is innately of a pretty good physique. Diseases and ailments are rare and infrequent.

The most affected body parts are the liver and the gall bladder. Sometimes there are freckles growing wildly, or the manifestation of 皮膚粗糙 pífūcūcāo = rough skin, pachulosis.

Wen Qu # Ke: Honouring and valuing the doctor's opinions and suggestions is advisable.

Wen Qu # Ji: There is the occurrence of 心病 xinbìng = anxiety, sore point, secret worry, mental disorder, heart disease. Or easily becoming lovesick.

In the horoscope of a woman, she has to pay attention to difficulties during pregnancy.

天魁 Tian Kui

Throughout the native's life, meeting with adversity and affliction, things turn lucky. It is improbable that the person encounters great problems and ailments.

Should the individual get a serious illness, he or she runs into a good doctor. There is the instance of 起死回生 qǐsǐhuíshēng = an unexpected recovery; to rise from the dead; (of a doctor's skill) to bring the dying back to life; to snatch a patient from the jaws of death. And 屢試不爽 lǚshìbùshuǎng = time-tested; to put to repeated tests and proved right; to have stood numerous tests.

With Tian Kui in Health the native is liable to happen upon liver disease; declining eyesight; to feel overly tired and sleepy; or dermatosis.

天鉞 Tian Yue

It is unlikely that the person in his or her lifetime will get a very serious or critical disease/illness/ailment or come across unexpected calamity.

The spleen, stomach and lungs will be affected the most. There could be problems with breathing, gastric acid, vomiting, edema, etc.

火星 Huo Xing

Huo Xing represents very much momentum and vigour. On the whole, Huo Xing alone in the Health palace indicates that the native hasn't worries what with disease or illness. Compared to the ordinary person the individual's health circumstances are good.

鈴星 Ling Xing

Ling Xing is one of the sha stars [煞 shà = an evil spirit, a goblin, a fierce god, a malignant diety]. Ling Xing very much so signifies 破壞 pòhuài = destruction, damage; to break, destroy, wreck. Although in this regard Ling Xing is a little bit inferior to Huo Xing.

When Ling Xing is in the Health palace... [?]. The individual seldom falls ill; to meet with very few ailments and diseases. The native's health situations are awfully good.

The person is liable to happen upon dermatosis, especially itching and swelling.

擎羊 Qing Yang

When this star is alone in Health the head is affected the most. Secondarily the intestines and stomach. The symptoms include dizziness, indigestion, and... [?]. Etc.

陀羅 Tuo Luo

The body parts affected the most are the lungs [肺臟 see TCM] and the respiratory system. Related is also the blood circulation system.

地空 Di Kong

Even more so than the ordinary person the native with Di Kong in this palace ought to pay attention to his or her health condition. Sickness and disease is difficult to discover. Ailments lie low and are hidden and not in the open. Should a disease or illness break out, it will do so with formidable power and excessively multiply.

The individual should avoid uncooked and cold food. Or... [?]. Then the person will be able to prevent numerous hidden/latent/potential diseases from developing.

地劫 Di Jie

The individual's health circumstances are not good. Frequently the native becomes bed-ridden because of being affected adversely by his or her surroundings, environment, ambient. The person comes across bacteria carriers of all kinds of infectious diseases and pestilence. ... [?]

If Di Jie is alone in this palace, all day long the individual is without vigour, vitality and drive. He or she moreover happens upon dimmed eyesight, blurred vision; and lacking strength in the four limbs of the body. The native is unable to tend to his or her job and work. The person frequently becomes a huge burden to friends and relatives.

化祿 Hua Lu

The person is optimistic and hopeful. The native's physique and constitution is fairly good. He or she is fond of culinary delicacies; gourmet food. Therefore, the individual ought to beware weight issues. Especially when middle-aged.

化權 Hua Quan

The person's body and health are strong, sturdy and robust. And peach blossom is flourishing.

化科 Hua Ke

The native is healthy; to be in good condition. He or she encounters few diseases and ailments. Zi Wei # Ke is even better. Tian Ji # Ke, there is predestined affinity with religion. In the cycle charts, sickness and disease is dissolved and removed.

化忌 Hua Ji

The state of the individual's health and physique is rather poor. There is a weak capacity to defend against disease. The person... [?]. Hua Ji in this palace does also signify peach blossom.


baby jane said...

what does it mean when thereis only a minor star tian yao in the health palace and tai yang, ju men hua ji and wen chang at the opposite?

Viktor said...

Hi baby jane.

Tai Yang, Ju Men and Hua Ji are reflected into Health and become Health palace stars. In Health are Tai Yang, Ju Men, Hua Ji and Tian Yao (and whichever other minor stars may be in that palace).

When Wu Qu and Tan Lang are in Ming in Chou or Wei: Tian Tong and Tai Yin are reflected into Friends and Servants.

Wu Qu and Tan Lang are reflected into Travel.

Tian Ji and Tian Liang are reflected into Children.

The Hua stars follow the major stars and are also reflected into the 'empty' palaces.