Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tai Yang in Travel

Translated from here.

Travelling and going to places the individual gets ennoblement. Extrinsically and going to places, during his or her early years, the native ought to tend toward self-reliance and independence. The person is fond of poking his or her nose into other people's business; to meddle in what does not concern one. The native is candid, blunt, frank and straightforward. If the individual was born during the day, these things will be even more true.

Tai Yang # Lu: There is emphasis on the instance of 虛名 xūmíng = false reputation, underserved reputation; name or reputation unsupported by facts; a title or honour that carries no privilege. The person appreciates engaging in social functions; to communicate with; to engage in social activities.

Tai Yang # Quan: In a man's horoscope this star combination is indicative of entrepreneurship and beginning an undertaking; to start a major task, to venture. And his real and true power is increased and enhanced. In a woman's chart reliable and trustworthy male customers mean getting hold of money.

Tai Yang # Ji: Going to places and travelling is tiring and exhausting; to work hard. Travel is opposite Ming, thus there could be disputes and quarrels stirred up.

Tai Yang and Tai Yin: When going to places and travelling and being busy and hurrying, the native can get hold of money. There is much of both wealth and rank; riches and social position.

Tai Yang and Ju Men: The individual has to labour and toil with both mind and body. Working the person comes across 事倍功半 shìbèigōngbàn = twice the effort for half the result; to get half the result with twice the effort.

Tai Yang and Tian Liang: When travelling and going to places the native receives aid and assistance from guiren and can flourish and prosper.

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